49000 euro credit – small rate – from 426 euros a month

Consumers who do not get along with their equity choose a € 49,000 loan. This can help settle the mountains of bills or buy something that otherwise has to wait a long time.

To take out this loan, one should look closely at how expensive the loan will be. This is the only way to ensure that the customer can afford them.

Cost of the loan – start comparison

Cost of the loan - start comparison

In order to have the costs for the 49000 euro credit in sight, a comparison should help. This is done on the internet. He shows the interest rates and the monthly installments. The customer can choose in the comparison for a loan 48000 euros the term of 84 months, equivalent to seven years.

  • The Scotbank grants the loan at an interest rate of 1.95 percent. The customer must pay for this offer from a loan 49000 euros 624.15 euros.
  • The offer of bankive for a loan 49000 euros has a monthly installment of 625 euros. The effective interest starts at the loan 49,000 euros at 1.99 percent. Again, the term of 84 months is specified.
  • The barclaycard offers its customers a € 49000 credit. With an interest rate of 1.99 percent and above, this has a monthly installment of 625 euros.

The information for the loan 49000 Euro will change as soon as the creditworthiness of the customer has been checked.

Required documents for the application

Required documents for the application

In order to be able to apply for a loan of € 49000, the bank will require documents in the first steps. The customer has to send his last pay slips. In addition, the bank statements of the last months must be presented without gaps.

The employment contract may not be limited. The applicant must have his identity confirmed by the post – ID procedure. In addition, he must agree with the examination of credit bureau to be able to apply for the 49000 euro credit. The documents are important, because only then can the bank find out if the customer is solvent.

Should negative features be seen here, an application will be awarded under weighted conditions or not at all. Under difficult conditions one speaks, if further credit security must be present. Only with this a refusal can be avoided.

49000 Euro Credit – Credit Security

Credit security is very common. Banks check the documents very carefully so that they do not take any losses. So even with small deviations a credit security must be provided. If the income or the credit bureau are too bad, the customer is offered to provide a guarantor.

This one is not easy to find. The loan, which has to be paid for years, may need to be paid by the guarantor. If the borrower becomes unemployed and can no longer pay, the guarantor must take over. Many banks therefore offer the option of taking out a residual debt insurance.

This causes costs that must be planned exactly with. Who is single and no children, who should rather deposit his life insurance as collateral.