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How to Copy DVD Movies to external hard drivers on Mac?

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Sometimes, you may want to save your DVD movies to your portable devices, such as PSP, iPhone, iPod, etc. so that you can carry your DVD Movies with the portable hard drive. How can you do that? iSkysoft DVD Copy Pro for Mac can be a good assistant to support copying DVD movies to external hard drivers, of course, including the portable devices can be used as hard drivers. Check the easy steps of the burning.

Step. 1 Launch DVD Copy Pro and Choose Customized Copy

Launch DVD Copy Pro and insert DVD. As the interface turns around, you can see all the title shown on the main interface. Click Customized Copy in the Copy Options and select the title you need to copy.

Step. 2 Select VIDEO_TS in Output Options

Select VIDEO_TS in the Output Options. Click Start button to begin copying and choose where you want save your VIDEO_TS folder on your Mac.

Step. 3 Choose External Hard Driver to Save Movie

After setting, click Start button and one window will pop up to ask you where you want to save your file. Find your external hard driver, such as PSP, iPod, iPhone, choose it and click Select button.

Step 4. Start Burning
After setting, burning will begin. The program will keep informing you the progress of copying. You can hide the interface and do other things first. You can still check the progress bar in the small icon.

After copying, you can save your movies in your portable devices anywhere or take together with you the hard driver to share the movies with your friends now!



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