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How to Copy DVD Movies with Disk Utility on Mac?

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As a Mac user, how to Copy DVD to a New disc? How to burn DVD files to a DVD?or How to burn iso file to a DVD? If you are a Mac user, you'll find you are very lucky, because, every Mac user comes with a Mac DVD Copy, so technically speaking, there shouldn't be any problem. And by using the compatible DVD copy software, your work can be done so easily. Now, let us have a look the classic powerful software Disk utility, it's powerful because it contains the function of conversion, repairing, erasing, and formatting, burning, almost everything to do with a disc. And here we'll show you how to copy the discs.

First, open Disk utility in your dock bar. You can accomplish a bunch of maintenance tasks with Disk Utility when your computer is started from the Mac OS X 10.4 Install DVD. From the Utilities menu, choose Disk Utility to open it. open the program and click the "Burn" button.
Open Disk Utility on Mac

Second, load the video to Utility.
Choose the file you'd like to burn, the file format can be ISO disk image, or the DVD format Files. Both can be export from iDVD or download from Internet.
Select Image to Burn with disk utility

Third, insert the blank DVD+/-R,RW.
Then wait for the software to process
Choose Burn Disk on Mac

After maybe few hours (depends on how large is your DVD size), your DVD is ready, and this one should be able to be play in an ordinary DVD player.

However, there is only one disadvantage about the Utility disk; which makes the application somehow disappointed. It can't copy a physical DVD to a new disc. As we know, most of our DVDs are stored in the discs, and our most demand for copy or Backup DVD Movies is copy the content from one DVD disc to another blank disc. So for this demand, we'd use some other application like DVD copy for Mac to help us finish the work. Here is a detail guide of "How to Copy DVD Movies to a new Disc on Mac" if you are interested.



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