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How to Make a Customized Copy for your DVD Movies on Mac?

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Besides main movie contents, there are other information we can get from the DVD, such as Special Features, Language, etc. While copying the DVD, we just want to keep the contents interested us. It would be better to get a Customized Copy option in copying DVD movie. Then DVD Copy Pro for Mac provides such great option. Make customized copy for your DVD movie in just few simple steps!

Step 1: Launch DVD Copy Pro and Choose Customized Copy

Launch DVD Copy Pro and insert DVD. As the interface turns around, you can see all the title shown on the main interface. Click Customized Copy in the Copy Options and tick the title you need to copy.

Step 2: Select the Output Option

When finish selecting the specific parts you want to copy, choose the Output Option you want to copy your movie. Click ISO to save the ISO file in your hard disk.

Step 3: Start Copying DVD
After you finish the setting, click Start button and one window will pop up to ask you to choose the place saving the ISO file. You also need to type in the name for the file. Then click Save to start copying.

In the copying period, you can browse some websites and play games. And when the burning finished, you can click the ISO file icon     and use VLC media player to play the customized movie.



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