UNESCO recognition for hurling and camogie

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Hurling is an example of intangible cultural heritage, said UNESCO

Hurling and camogie have been added to UNESCO’s list of protected cultural activities around the world.

The games, among the oldest and fastest field sports in the world, were chosen after a lengthy process.

UNESCO maintains that cultural heritage does not end at monuments and collections of objects. It also includes traditions or living expressions, inherited from ancestors and passed on.

Hurling is an example of intangible cultural heritage, said UNESCO.

Camogie, considered by UNESCO as “a form of hurling played by women”, is also protected in the new status.

By adding hurling to the list, the Government commits to keeping the game alive, ensuring respect for it and raising awareness about its importance.

The GAA has said that this will help the profile of the game, especially overseas.

As an intangible cultural heritage activity, hurling joins uilleann piping, which was last year added to the list.

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