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How to Backup DVD Movies and Watch Them with iTunes?

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Most of us will have experienced in having our favorite DVD being stuck in our DVD player and ruined our movies while we enjoy watching it with most relax condition. Or some of us may also have kids who will turn the DVDs into their new types of toys besides Barbe Dolls & Transformers. That will definitely cause the disaster of your favorites collected DVDs. So it is a good idea to make backups of your DVDs.
In order to do so, you need a freeware software called MacTheRipper to extract the contents of the disc to your hard drive, and iSkysoft DVD Creator for mac to burn the movie files onto a new DVD.

1. Region Setup

Region Step Backup with iTunes on Mac
If DISC RCE says CLEAR, set the RCE Region to Off.
Launch the MacTheRipper and insert the DVD you want to backup. MacTheRipper would automatically sense your DVD. Then look at the section labeled DISC RCE. If it says CLEAR, set the RCE Region to OFF; and if it says DETECTED, you need to set the DVD's region in the RCE Region menu. For example, if it is a US DVD, set the RCE Region to RCE1 (visit http://shurl.org/ClwvB to find out more about DVD regions).

2. Fast-Forwards Allowed

Fast Forwards
Check this box, and you can skip the boring parts, such as the FBI warning.
If you want to skip the boring parts, such as the FBI warning, you can click on UOPs (User Operation Prohibitions) and then in the new screen that appears, click Disable DVD UOPs.
Choose Extraction
Choose Extraction

Click the Mode button. You can select Main Feature Extraction if you want is whole movie or use one of the Title Extraction settings if you just want extract parts other than the main movie. For the second choice, you need to figure out what parts of the DVD you are selecting.
4.Start Ripping
Click the Go button to start ripping your DVD. How long it takes depends on the amount of content on the DVD and the speed of your Mac (MacTheRipper isn't a Universal app, so Intel Macs don't get a speed boost). Once the rip is done, you'll have a folder full of files. You can then use the DVD Creator for Mac to burn Folader to a new disc or you can leave the files on your hard drive and use the DVD Player application to watch the movie (File > Open DVD Media, then select the folder with the files).

5. Drag and Drop into iTunes
Drag and Drop into iTunes
If you want to upload your file into iTunes, navigate to where you saved the file. Drag and drop the file into iTunes, then connect your iPod, iPhone, or Apple TV, and SYNC. iTunes will transfer the file to your device. Or if the movie was converted for your Mac, just double-click the file to watch it.



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