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How to Burn SRT/Sub Subtitle Files to DVD on Mac?

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Some video players like VLC would have the option of rendering subtitles from an external file (.srt or .sub) on videos during playback. However, many embedded players, such as Xbox 360, may not have that kind of options. In such kind of case we may need to embed the subtitles in the video track, so we can Burn videos with .srt or .sub files to DVD for DVD Player on Mac.
After extracting the tracks or having the video and subtitle files separated already (such as .avi and .srt file ), you can recombine them into an AVI container with subtitles embedded by using "ffmpegX" as following.
Step 1. Embed the subtitles into the video file:
Launch ffmpegX, click "Open" button to select your original video file.
add the video files

Step 2. Modify the parameter for embedded subtitles:
Then click "Filters" tab, check "VOB Subtitles" checkbox, click "Load Subs" button and select your subtitle file. You can also modify the Font size and Pos values to align the embedded subtitles properly.
Modify the Srt/Sub files

After finishing embedding subtitles, you can start burning your favourite videos with .srt or .sub files to DVD with iSkysoft DVD Creator for Mac.
You can learn the burning step process from the Step by Step Tutorial of Burning DVD. Then enjoy your DVD with embedded subtitle after burning!
Burn Video with Srt/SUB files to DVD



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