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Snow Leopard Tips, Tricks and Features

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If you have started using Snow Leopard now, you may find tips, tricks or features of Snow Leopard yourself. However, if you are still considering updating your Mac, it can be some references for you before updating. Check the tips now!


QuickTime X video record
Need to record a quick video with your iSight or USB camera? You can record directly from your iSight camera in QuickTime X. If you're lucky enough to have a higher-quality camera, you can not only choose the camera and audio source directly from the QuickTime X window, but also decide where the video will be saved, and then you can Convert your QuickTime X Video to DVD on Mac OS X (Including Snow Leopard) ?


QuickTime X video record


Visual chapters in QuickTime X movies
If you are watching a movie that has chapters, you can view the chapters visually, and skip ahead. The interface is glitzy, but still speedy.
Visual chapters in QuickTime X movies


QuickTime X optimizes movies for display on the Web
Unless you want to tick off your ISP unduly, it's probably a good idea to upload reduced-quality (and smaller file size) videos to the Web. QuickTime X does this in two ways. First, you can directly send videos to YouTube and MobileMe. And you can also save the videos in a format and size amenable to Web viewing anywhere else you'll upload it.
QuickTime X optimizes movies the Web


Trim out silent parts of video automagically in QuickTime
One really neat feature in QuickTime X is the ability to select all the silent parts of videos, and trim them as you see fit. Perhaps you were using your iSight to monitor your roommate, and don't care about the silent parts, or maybe you would use this for less-creepy endeavors. But either way, it's a nice trick to have, and many full-featured video editors lack it.
Trim out silent parts of video


QuickTime 7 isn't dead yet
QuickTime X is great. It gives users most of the QuickTime Pro features for free. But for die-hard QuickTime users that need more than a few screencasts and minimal export control, you can install QuickTime 7 from the Snow Leopard disc. Check the Optional Installs folder. Open the Optional Installs, and there's QuickTime 7 ready to be installed. Snow Leopard will find your previous QuickTime 7 preferences, and adds your registration number to the QuickTime 7 preferences. 


New desktop wallpapers
Though not quite the caliber of the LSD-influenced wallpapers that are in Windows 7, Apple has introduced a few new default desktops in Snow Leopard as well, namely, more nature and art images.


Flagged photo screen saver
One of the new screen savers in Snow Leopard is an option to cycle through flagged pictures from iPhoto. If you get tired of seeing a particular face in your photo slideshow screen saver, you can always remove them from the flagged list without deleting their photo.


Color-correction histogram
The new Preview gets a bit more hardcore with the introduction of a color-correction histogram, which allows you to adjust levels and see what they might do to your picture.


Proof pictures for printing within Preview
For people that want to print directly from Preview, instead of editing their pictures in a dedicated photo manager, Preview now offers several proofing options, and you can view a soft-proof with several different color profiles. This will make your prints more accurate, and eliminate the need to open Photoshop every time you need to print a picture.


Easy file conversion for iPhones and iPods
If you have a lot of videos on your computer, you know the pain of converting them to an iPhone-watchable format. Now, QuickTime X does that for you. To maximize the functionality, use a plug-in like Perian Tools to open third-party formats, and export them to iPod and iPhones to eliminate the need for a converter.(If you want to resize images or Photos as iPhone or iPod Wallpaper, just follow this guide: Resize Image on Mac OS X (Including Snow Leopard))


Save $4 on Snow Leopard
Can't make it to the Apple Store? Or maybe you live in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere and you have to order everything by mail? Well, you can save $4 on Snow Leopard if you order it from Amazon. Oh, and you get free shipping.


iPhone Ringtone Maker for Mac

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DVD Creator for Mac

D9 to D5 compression, copy DVD to DVD, DVD foler, DVD meaid and ISO

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DVD Copy Pro for Mac

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