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How to Create Free iPhone Ringtones with Limewire to iTunes Library?

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How to create ringtones with limewire to itunes library for my iPhone for free? Here you can custom free iphone ringtones with limewire according to the following simple instruction.


Step 1: Download your favorite song from limewire or your favorite mp3 downloading program


Step 2: Upload the mp3 file and use Ventone’s Free Ringtone Creator


Step 3: After you’ve made your mp3 ringtone, go to your “My Ventones” page where you will see your list of created ringtones.


Step 4: Click on the ringtone. That will take you to the ringtone page, scroll all the way to the bottom, where you will see a link that says”Click here for your iPhone Ringtone”


Step 5: Click on that, and in seconds you will get a link for your iPhone ringtone download. Download the file onto your computer.


Step 6: Go to iTunes, and Import the iPhone ringtone that you downloaded from Ventones and you will automatically see it listed under Ringtones category in iTunes.


Step 7: Connect your iPhone and Sync the Ringtones.


Another ways to make free iphone ringtones : download Audacity (free) to edit the song and only save like 15-30 seconds of it and export it as an mp3. Then find your cell phone carriers e-mail for text, and email the ringtone to your phone. For some carriers like verizon you need to change the mp3 to mid format and keep the file size under 200 KBs.

So you can make free iPhone ringtones for iPhone or iphone 3Gs. Try to get the easy way to make iPhone Ringtone, check How to Make iPhone Ringtone on Mac with three easy steps?



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